Begonia oyuniae M.Taram & N.Krishna, Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 72(1): 109–115. 2020;
Common name: Oyun’s Begonia



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NEW SPECIES- Begonia oyuniae : 2 posts by 1 author.

Posted on Facebook, by one of our members as below:
Dear All,
I am very glad to share that, my two long awaited new species are published in a single day.
1st species: Begonia oyuniae (named after the mother of Momang Taram, Oyun aunt is a very nice lady, with a keen interest in plants. She has devoted her life to raising her brilliant children and growing plants in her backyard.)
Background story: While exploring the Siang Valley, Miss Taram, found a beautiful Begonia growing elegantly in a fast-flowing streamside in 2017. Being super curious she took several pictures of it and sent me in the evening. We were very sure that we never saw it to date, so we sent the photographs to Mark Hughes, from Edinburgh Royal Botanical Garden, as he has produced a revision on it and has a great idea on Begonias of Northeast India. And after confirmation, we described it after several visits and collections later and sent for publication. In the meantime, another team from Calicut University, Kerala also found the species from Namdapha, and luckily Hughes was the reviewer of their manuscript. So finally we combined both the articles making it a beautiful article describing a remarkable species
You can observe Miss Oyun’s Begonia in streams of Siang valley and Namdapha National Park (Possibly the whole region).
I am very grateful to Miss Momang Taram, Ojar Taku, and Dr. Mark Hughes for their help and support, without which I could have never described it.
With love always
Dipoo Dipankar Borah

Researchgate (Begonia oyuniae (Begonia sect. Monophyllon, Begoniaceae), a remarkable new species from Northeast India- M. Taram, D. Borah, N. Krishna, A.K. Pradeep, A. Amrutha & M. Hughes– Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 72(1): 109–115. 2020Abstract: The new species Begonia oyuniae M.Taram & N.Krishna is described from Arunachal Pradesh. It belongs to Begonia sect. Monophyllon A.DC., which is a new sectional record for India. Begonia oyuniae shares the ability to produce plantlets at the leaf tip with B. vagans Craib (Begonia sect. Alicida C.B.Clarke) and B. elisabethae Kiew (Begonia sect. Parvibegonia A.DC.), but differs from the former in having glabrous tepals (versus densely glandular hairy) and 2-locular ovaries (versus 3-locular), and from the latter in having an asymmetric androecium (not globose). It differs from the two other species in Begonia sect. Monophyllon in having leaves which have sinuate to lobed margins (not entire), and which produce plantlets around the margin)