As your may all be aware, efloraofindia is striving to bring live images of Plants/ Ferns/ Fungi etc. of Indian subcontinent, for past 13 years, at our site so that these become useful to all concerned. 
May I request members to mail your images/ specimens to efloraofindia <>, so that these can be incorporated in efloraofindia site and seen all over the world and help in the progress of Indian taxonomy. Copyrights remain with the concerned member only.
Already we have more than 2.5 lakh images (most of the posted images) displayed in our site efloraofindia as thumbnails (which open up to the original size on clicking).

Are there any other groups where me or any of our moderators can send such requests?

I think we have to pursue with the botanical fraternity. Now they should be able to understand the importance of what we are doing.
Even if a few of them agree to send their images, efloraofindia will be much more richer.

Yes, … We can try. However, most of the researchers are not interested in sharing. 

Thanks, … But a lot of them may be interested, with everything going to clouds now.
Persons (particularly those at the fag end of their carrier or life, particularly elder ones) with a large chunk of images may be interested to put them to some fruitful use.