Myriocarpa stipitata Benth., Bot. Voy. Sulphur 168 1846. (syn: Myriocarpa densiflora Benth.; Myriocarpa densiflora var. dombeyana (Wedd.) Wedd.; Myriocarpa dombeyana Wedd.; Myriocarpa humilis Wedd.; Myriocarpa polystachya Wedd.; Myriocarpa stipitata var. ambigua Wedd.; Urtica spiralis Dombey ex Wedd.);
S. Tropical America: Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Bolivia, Brazil Northeast, Brazil South, Brazil Southeast, Brazil West-Central, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela as per POWO;

Plant for ID : Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta : 01JUL20 : AK-03 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Plant seen in the conservatory during my visit in Oct, 18.

Any other image showing the side view ?

Have only this picture with me right now.
I will have to go through all my pictures of the visit, which are not with me currently since I’m in Bangalore since the lock down began.

Can we check with Myriocarpa stipitata Benth?
This came from my search on Google Lens, a new feature.
Sharing a link…
For your feedback please.

Yes, it appears so.

Pl. further check minute details with high res. images.