Heliamphora nutans Benth., Proc. Linn. Soc. London 1: 53 1840. (syn: Sarracenia nutans (Benth.) D.Dietr.) as per POWO;

Native to: Brazil North, Guyana, Venezuela as per POWO;

Orchids seen at the Conservatory in ABG during my visit in October, 2018. 

No mam, this is not orchid. But I imagine what it could be!!

After a lot of searching, I found a similar picture in The Sun Pitchers.
Looks like this is a flower of Heliamphora.
Without this link, I would never have guessed.
Kindly have a look

Wow, well done.

Thanks a lot for the enlightenment.

This was an impossible one.  



Pitcher plant seen at the Conservatory in Atlanta Botanic Garden.

I had posted the flowers of the same earlier under Orchids.
Can add them here if required.