SK 2660 12 July 2020 : 16 posts by 2 authors. 10 images- 2 to 7 mb each.
Location: Gyaneswor, Kathmandu
Date: 12 July  2020
Altitude: 1500 m.
Habitat : Wild
Urticaceae ??

This appeared interesting.

This image is not clear. I can only give a possible identification. It might be Archiboehmeria. 

Sending some more images!

I think looks different from only species mentioned in efloras i.e. Archiboehmeria atrata:

I also checked and looks different.
Adding one more image of date!
Attachments (1)- 5 mb. 

Yes, this attached image is different. My identification focus on your previous email the image ‘DSC_0455’ looks different and I assume this is probably Archiboehmeria sp. For the image you attached, I have no idea.

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