Siphonodon celastrineus Griff., Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 4: 247 (1843) (syn: Hydnocarpus sharmae P.S.N.Rao & Sreek. ; Siphonodon celastrineus var. acuminatissimus Merr. ; Siphonodon celastrineus var. subglobosus Merr. ; Siphonodon pyriformis Merr. ; Siphonodon pyriformis var. parvifolius Merr. ; Xanthophyllum subglobosum Elmer ; Xanthophyllum subglobosum var. longifolium Elmer);
E. Himalaya to New Guinea: Andaman Is., Bangladesh, Borneo, Cambodia, East Himalaya, India, Jawa, Laos, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, Maluku, Myanmar, New Guinea, Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatera, Thailand, Vietnam as per POWO;

Location- Eastern Ghats, Altitude 800 Mt.
Habitat- Field hedges
Plant Habit-  Large tree
Height- 15-20 mt.
Leaves  alternate, petiole- 8-11 mm long; lamina- 80mm – 170 mm length; and 40-65 mm width; margin wavy to crenate, tip acute to acuminate
Fruit – stocked, size: 35-48 mm length and 30-38mm width

I had collected the same species form Koraput district in 2004. However, I came across only one tree, probably cultivated and couldn’t be identified. The adivasi communities there consider this as a folk variant of Kendu.

It may be a member of Rutaceae.
…, do you have any detail about its flowers?

Looks like some species of Diospyros. But not sure.

Bark leaf and fruit suggest it as Scolopia crenata not sure because flower is absent may I know the location means district and place of collection (eastern ghats has very vast range of mountains

whether the fruit has any cayx if so it may be Diospyros species I will check

I think Scolopia crenata appears a better possibility.

We took pics only at the fruiting stage. We don’t have flower images.

Yes, it appears close to Siphonodon celastrineus Griff. (as suggested by Dr. Prabhat Kumar Das) as per images at

yes it is Siphondon celastrenius, we have also collected from Maredumilli here are few images
2 images.

Regarding a doubt Sir: i think it may be Siphonodon celastrineus Griff.

Yes, appears close as per images at



ID Pls – Plant found at BOKO RESERVE FOREST , ASSAM : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Date : 26.01.2015

Ehretia species

Celastraceae member, Scolopia creanata,

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