Dracaena spicata Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832 2: 157 1832. (syn: Dracaena wallichii Kunth; Draco spicata (Roxb.) Kuntze; Pleomele spicata (Roxb.) N.E.Br.)
Assam to Myanmar, Andaman Islands; Andaman Is., Assam, Bangladesh, Myanmar as per POWO;

Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 157 ; arboreous, leaves 6-18 by 1.1/2-2 in. very broadly petioled elliptic or broadly oblanceolate finely acuminate, raceme long or short simple or branched at the base, flowers fascicled very shortly pedicelled, fruit pisiform 1/2 in. diam., or 3-lobed and 3/4 in. fleshy. Kunth Enum. v. 10 ; Wall. Cat. 5146 ; Regel Revis. Drac. 44 ; D. Wallichii, Kunth in Act. Acad. Berol. 1842, 26.

I am unable to unravel the synonymy and habitats of this species and D. terniflora, which however, according to Roxburgh and Kurz are very different plants. Baker (Journ. Bot. 1873, 263, and Journ. Linn. Soc. xiv. 532) unites them (as D. spicata), together with D. aurantiaca, Wall., and gives its distribution as from the eastern Himalaya to the Nilghiris, Malacca, and the Congo River in Western Africa. Of these the Himalayan (for which Griffith, Wallich, and I are cited), is an error, as none of us collected it there. On the other hand it is probably a Malayan species. Roxburgh describes the flower as numerous, and sessile in fascicles, pale greenish, cleft about half way down, and the ripe berries as deep reddish orange. Kurz says the flowers are in twos or threes, an inch long, greenish yellow and the berries glossy crimson.
(From The Flora of British India as per IBIS Flora)


Dracaena elliptica Thunb. & Dalm. (Asperagaceae) : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

Please find an image of the same from the Andaman Islands.

Dracaena elliptica posted by me from Andamans is actually D. spicata Roxb.

This is for your kind information please.



Re: Palm : 7 posts by 5 authors. 4 images.

From Rajnagar, Kumarghat,Tripura

Pl. check

looks like a Dracaena of Asparagaceae subfamily Nolinoideae most likely: dracaena terniflora. Dinesh has shown a nice case
my question this is what i think but i would like to see the pic of whole plant, where these fruiting branches drooping?? what was the original stem look like ie Habit and habitat, when /year +month did you get these fruits’ picture, were you there also for the flowering? etc etc

please respond to my questions.

I agree with … It is Dracaena.

nice to see fruits, ya? i see flowers here and then am never around for the fruiting…

Thanks, … for the id. To me also appear close to images at Dracaena terniflora Roxb. 

Dracaena terniflora posted from Tripura and Kalimpong are actually D. elliptica Thunb. & Dalm., a widespread and variable species.

This is for your kind information please.

I am not sure if this is
Dracaena elliptica as per
POWO  FoC illustration

Or Dracaena angustifolia as per

Leaves appear to be sessile! If yes, then D. angustifolis.

Or can it be Dracaena spicata Roxb. as the leaves are short and broad as per images herein and as per GBIF specimens from India– onetwothreefour ?

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