I am new here, but have been following the group for a very long time. Recently we decided to plan new trees at the edges of our society walls. I did shortlist some trees like Amaltas, Gulmohar, Neem & Maulsari. Most of the trees will be Amaltas and Gulmohar to get that beautiful view during the summer months, and hopefully still have enough green towards the winter with a few Neem & Maulsari trees in between. Does anyone have suggestions for any more trees that would Acclimate/Adapt well to the Delhi weather conditions ? 
Would also appreciate any planting/planning tips for this project. 

Thanks & looking to post more in the group. 

I think Maulsari will be best suited. it is evergreen and in Delhi summer you need shade. Amaltas & Gulmohar look beautiful when in flower only.

Provide the location map (blueprint) copy with full details, so that new plantings can be suggested. ll depends on the availability of the space and the direction (N/S/E/W) as planting depends on the sunlight !

In Delhi Tabebuia spp. can do well, along with Tecomella undulata, Chorisia speciosa etc. to name a few trees with attractive flowers..

Thank you all for the recommendations. So would Maulsari would be a good tree to fill in between the Amaltas and Gulmohars for getting a green cover during the fall months ? 
I agree with Mr. Chaturvedi here that we also don’t want winter months to have trees without many leaves. 

I have also decided to go with Chorisia speciosa, as during the winter months, it will maintain the flowering(when Amaltas and Gulmohar shed their flowers). 

@Nidhan Singh ji, Do you think a combination of Amaltas, Gulmohar and Chorisia speciosa, with Maulsari would be a good combination ?