Tinospora maqsoodiana Mujaffar, Moinudd. & Mustakim, Indian Forester 140: 528 (2014);
India (Madhya Pradesh) as per Catalogue of Life;





ID-08092013-PR-1 Diploclisia from Menispermaceae ? Attachments (10). 6 posts by 5 authors.

Plants from gujarat

Hopefully this species Belongs to the Menispermaceae Family …….. interesting and eager to know from experts…  

Antigodon sp?

Yes, Menispermaceae. Tinospora cordifolia.

Yes. I was also wondering why not simple Tinospora cordifolia. Flowers are clear enough for the same. 

This is Tinospora maqsoodiana as per feedback from Shaikh Mujaffar ji (who published this species) another thread: Wrong identified 



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