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Help Post to ID attached tree photo
Looks like Machilus sp… Could it be that..???
  • Date: Last week of July, 2019
  • Elevation: 1400 masl
  • Habit: Wild
  • Location: Bagmati Province, Central Nepal
Thank you in Advance…

Looks like Symplcos sp. !

Is it Symplocos cochinchinensis (Lour.) Moore or Symplocos hookeri C. B. Cl……?????????????

But Leaf looks closer to S. hookeri 

It is not cochinsinensis and hookerii not listed in Nepal as far as I know!

Then what it could be…close to sp….

Image not sufficient. Symplocos ramosissima Wall. ex G. Don ??

…!!…. the fruit is different than that of Symplocos ramosissima  

Images too far ! Try other sp. matching to elevation and phenoogy in efn.

Symplocos may be possible, but difficult to do with such images.
I do not find toothed leaves as per our observations at Machilus