MS Aug., 2020/04 Henckelia sp. for ID : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)- 2 mb.
Location : Tawi WLS
Altitude : ca 1,500 m

Date : 03-10-2007
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Henckelia ovalifolia ??

To me it looks different from images at FOI.
Also it is distributed only in S.India as per POWO.
Hi, …, What are the species reported from your area? Do you have any other images ?

Henckelia is not recorded in Mizoram, but Petrocosmea parryorum is recorded in my State. Sorry! No other image is available.

Petrocosmea parryorum C.E.C. Fisch. ??

this is a Petrocosmea. I thought it was parryorum, but that species does not have peltate leaves.

Is it from Mizoram NE India? Sinha and Datta describe only 2 species from N India, neither have peltate leaves.
There are a few species with peltate leaves in China, e.g. P. coerulea,. P. grandiflora and P. sichuanensis have sometimes peltate leaves.
Hope this helps.

I also feel it may be Petrocosmea parryorum only (leaves give peltate look) as per
Pl. have a look. It is from Mizoram in NE India.
Hi, …, Do you have better image to show the leaves clearly?

Actually, on the webpages of the first link below the top flower is not P.parryorum