Henckelia siangensis Taram, D.Borah & Tag, September 2020 PhytoKeys 160:1-6;



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Here attached the manuscript and Figure for inclusion in eFI.

Henckelia siangensis (Gesneriaceae): a remarkable new species from Northeast India– Momang Taram, Dipankar Borah, Ojar Taku & Dr HUI Tag- September 2020 PhytoKeys 160:1-6 (pdf) (Abstract- Henckelia siangensis, a new species from Arunachal Pradesh of Northeast India, is described and illustrated here. The new species is remarkably different from all other allied species by its 5-winged calyx and elliptic-ovate calyx segments. It superficially resembles H. calva in glabrous stem and petioles, but differs from it in having persistent bracts, a campanulate 5-winged calyx and a style with glandular indumentum. A detailed morphological description, photographic illustration, and distribution of the new species are presented)