Lindenbergia griffithii Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 262 1884. ;

East Himalaya as per POWO;



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I hardly encounter this plant in Bhutan and left without identification for last 3 months, I capture this plant from eastern part of Bhutan, Called Mongar district.
Your kind Identification for this highly appreciated pl.

Lamiaceae… No more images ?

Perhaps Mentha, Elsholtzia… Need other images.

Does not look like Mentha or Elsholtzia or Salvia or Pogostemon
Detailed image showing habit etc. may be helpful.

Pl. check in Teucrium or related genus.

Did not match with any Teucrium sp. from Bhutan. Close-up image of flower and 

habitat image would be helpful to ID !

Thank you for your various comments to my post, I have view all your comments but does not match with it, the habit of that plant was Shrub and dry and cliffy areas and also associated plant of Macaranga spp its i have encounter rarely in Bhutan. I would guess with Acanthaceae family but i can’t rule out to the genus sir.

I do not think it will be Acanthaceae as per comparative images herein.
If you share an image of the complete plant, it may be helpful in finding the id.

The plant that which i have posted earlier seems to be Lindenbergia griffithii.  i have reattached this plant and please any comments sir.

I guess then ID is correct !