SK 2701 28 July 2020 – Mycophyta : 19 posts by 5 authors. 3 images- 5 to 6 mb each.

Location:  Pharping
Date: 28 June 2020
Elevation : 1695m.
Habitat: Wild

Wow arising from old fruiting bodies…
Could be of Agaricales.
Need to check and compare it 

Quite interesting one, i am not familiar with …
It looks to be parasitic agaricale growing on another mushroom, i need to ask some experts.
… can i send your images to some other experts of parasitic mushrooms group for id request on Fb or even better if you can do that…

… has posted similar sort of mushroom earlier, but I am unable to connect that now.

Asterophora sp. (Lyophyllaceae)

Possibly growing on Lactarius sp.
Identified by …

Agree with …

Could it be…..

Close to A. parasitica… but not sure…need to check

Two listed ! Asterophora parasitica (Bull. ex Pers.) Singer and Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar and more close to Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar ??



References (Asterophora lycoperdoides):
References (Asterophora parasitica):

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