Psilotrichum sericeum (Koen. ex Roxb.) Dalz., N.A.Dalzell & A.Gibson, Bombay Fl.: 216 (1861) (syn: Achyranthes sericea Koen. ex Roxb.; Psilostachys boiviniana Baill.; Psilostachys filipes Baill.; Psilostachys kirkii Baker; Psilostachys nervulosa Baill.; Psilostachys sericea (J. König ex Roxb.) Hook. fil.; Psilotrichum axillare C. B. Clarke; Psilotrichum boivinianum (Baill.) Cavaco; Psilotrichum edule C. B. Clarke; Psilotrichum kirkii (Bak.) C. B. CI.; Psilotrichum sericeo-villosum Chiov.);  
Somalia, Zanzibar, Socotra, E-Kenya, E-Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, India
(Gujarat, Tamil Nadu),
Oman (Dhofar)
as per Catalogue of Life;



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Please help to id this herb its observed during field visit by my colleague. 
Location-Near coastal region, Mangrol, Gujarat. Date of Collection- 04/09/2020

Do you have any idea of the family ? 

No i don’t know. Because this is not observed by me. But i will check with my colleague who clicked this.

Most probably Psilostachys sericea, Amaranthaceae.

Common on verval and coastal track of Saurashtra in some pockets.

Thanks … Id is confirmed. Right 

You are welcome. Do you know anybody who can assist me in seeds or saplings of endemic species from other part of India other than Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Looking ahead towards your kind input.

Thanks, … Pl. see discussions at Saplings of large trees- endemic to western Ghats

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