Atalantia wightii Yu.Tanaka, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 75: 714 1928. (syn: Atalantia ovalifolia Tanaka);
India (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala) as per Catalogue of Life;

Shrubs, branchlets minutely hispid. Leaves 8-11 x 3-5 cm, ovate, apex rounded or emarginate, base acute, glabrous. Raceme to 1 cm long, axillary, pedicels 5 mm long, hispid. Flowers to 12 mm across; sepals 2 mm long, ovate, acute, ciliate; petals white, to 9 x 2 mm, oblong, obtuse; stamens 8, filaments 4 mm long, inner ones smaller; style 5 mm long.

Flowering and fruiting: March-June
Semi-evergreen and evergreen forests
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi)




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Is it Atalantia racemosa?
Location: Geddesal (Sathy)
Altitude: 1300m

Forest type: sholas
Habit: small, thorny tree.

Leaves looks more like Atalantia monophylla, sir.

Atalantia monophylla commonly known as Indian Atlantia

Thanks for the ID.
But the plant have regularly lobed calyx and growing on the high altitude areas (above 1000m).

Taking it Atalantia racemosa Wight ex Hook. as … stated that the plant have regularly lobed calyx.

It may be Atalantia wightii Tanaka, berry is ellipsoid as per Kerala Plants.

May I request you to pl. confirm this as Atalantia wightii Tanaka or otherwise as per GBIFSpecimen.

I am not sure but based on elevation and habit its most likely to be Atalantia wightii



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