Chenopodium amaranticolor (H.J.Coste & A.Reyn.) H.J.Coste & A.Reyn., Bull. Soc. Bot. France 54: 181 1907. as per efi thread;


Plant for ID : Patni Top : 191011 : AK-3: Found growing in a garden at Patni Top on the 5th of Sept,11.
No flowers seen as it is a small plant.
Tender leaves are pink in color as seen.
Reminds me of a vegetable named ‘Bathua’.

Yes it is Chenopodium album, the bathua 

Would the correct name be Chenopodium album subsp amaranticolor?
This was seen at Patni Top.

Chenopodium album subsp. amaranticolor (Coste & Reyn.) Coste & Reyn. is a syn. of Chenopodium giganteum D. Don

Chenopodium giganteum D. Don

It is C. amaranticolor, but not a synonym of C. gigantertum (C. bengalense). There are different species.

Thanks a lot, … May I know the key difference between the two.
POWO does not seem to accept them as separate species.

We are dealing in these years with Chenopodium including the phylogeny and taxonomy. I to date, we are considering Chenopodium amaranticolor as a synonym of C. bengalense and separating C. purpuranscens with almost entire (not lobate) lower leaves. I hope to disentangle the synonymy of both species; it is very difficult. Anyway, I hope to clarify this problem in these two years, So in my opinion, C. amaranticolor is still a synonym of C. bengalense (present in Himalaya), and C. purpurascens is perhaps not present in India (known in South Europe, Central America and South Africa).