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Date : 07-05-2011. Habitat : Wild. Habit : Herb. Location : Thorangtlang, Mizoram

Its a species of Chirita might be Chirita arunachalensis.

Is it any of the Chiritia (Gesneriaceae)???

It may be Chirita oblongifolia or Chirita dimidiata based on flower character

again attaching herewith another photo of same Chirita for easy confirmation

… our student tells me that the characters of the leaves are necessary to identify it at the specific level.

This seems very close to Henckelia adenocalyx (Chatterjee) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller

Apology for my earlier response, in-fact this is not Henckelia adenocalyx (Chatterjee) D.J.Middleton & Mich.Möller [bracts; calyx; flowers, all are densely hairy to hairy and having glands as well]. This image is Henckelia grandifolia A.Dietr. syn. Chirita macrophylla Wall. where flowers are usually white with yellow inside or cream white with yellowish inside.

Thanks, …, for Id.
But these look different from Images at Henckelia grandifolia

These two images by … from Mizoram are not H.grandifolia:
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Location : Thorang WLS
Date : 27-04-2010
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

A strange plant. The leaves look like a Didymocarpus, the flowers recall those of Codonoboea (“Malesian Didymocarpus”, from Sumatra eastwards). No idea at present.

Chirita sp.

Henckelia (Chirita) species so far in efi.

Looks like the same plant as in Herb for ID

Yes flower more close to Chirita sp

These two images by … from Mizoram are not H.grandifolia:
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These species should be kept as Henckelia sp?
As the proposed names are not any close matches.
1. These two images by … from Mizoram are not H.grandifolia:
2. And this one kept in another thread but within the same species is also not H.grandifolia.