Why are new species more likely to be published based on efloraofindia observations?
This is because all posts are documented in efloraofindia. Also when we find that something is different from already identified species and we are not able to identify it, we put it in our comparative genus and/ or family pages. During the identification process also, we try to bring these to the knowledge of Experts in those areas. So it remains in their knowledge and may be further circulated by them. These pages are also most likely/ generally seen by anyone who may be working on that genus/ family. Sometimes a lot of new species may be hidden among the posts of identified species.
While in other forums/ groups, such observations are lost in the sea of posts and are hardly traceable, even if one wants to.
In a nutshell, we can say that efloraofindia plays a very crucial role in scientific publications, by bringing these new species to the fore.


Very true …

We have seen the cases.
eFI is doing great job by offering such data to all interested.

Yes, agreed, …
By far, eFI has the largest data, systematically stored. Those reaching pages of eFI with academic OR in interest of research, are bound to see any novelties.

I should put it this way “New species are hidden in efloraofindia database, with useful analysis, images, comparisons by several experts”

Many images in eFI are in fact gems, to be and being harvested by some persons. It is true that a gem can be identified and utilized by persons expertising on particular groups.

And, one example is T. kasajuana Bh.Adhikari & J.R.I.Wood !

Very true …