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Requesting ID of this plant, about 1’ high.
Photo taken on
11June16 at Lonavala, Maharashtra

Do you have any other details ?

appears to be some Curcuma species

Curcuma pseudomontana J.Graham ??

Curcuma pseudomontana? Wait for flowers and leaves.


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Curcuma pseudomontana Western ghats

I’m not sure about the id of this one. Shouldn’t the flower be pure yellow in C. pseudomontana?
Where exactly is the location of your photo?

It is a young plant with only dark bracts I suppose the conventional flowers will probably emerge. I could not locate the full bloomed ones for the episode so just added this photograph. I understand that it is not the classic one but I am sure it is somewhere from western ghats only where it grows.



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Yes … it is Curcuma pseudomontana / Hill turmeric.
My friend photographed the same species in Rajgadh,( dist-Pune ), in June 2010. Attaching the pic.

Mine have also been flowering profusely since mid-July. Sending a few photographs.
P.S. – My previous photographs of this are available at this link

i think this one is other species, may be C. inodora

I am not sure if your plant is Curcuma pseudomontana. Was it summer? or it rained already?
Second plant as shared by … looks different to me too as stated by ….

i wish i could grow curcuma at my place.

…, when you get them in Indian grocery stores, try to pick the ones that look as if they would sprout… then put in a pot with the synthetic gardening soil, lightly water, cover with a net, or perforated plastic fabric, put it in a tray with pebbles and a little water to make its air humid, put the whole contraption on top of the
refrigerator… will get enough heat to create a humid environ for you Haldi… it will sprout … and get you green leaves… may not get the flowers… but green turmeric leaves to boost your spirits… it does mine !!!

Was the leaf sessile and arising from the ground?
Any information on flower color?

Fair enough. I can accept that you have your reservations, but it would be nice if you could substantiate your claim by posting some of your own photographs.
Dr.Almeida and his student Santosh Yadav have in the recent past visited my farm twice and they have had no such issues with this. Infact, it was on Dr. Almeida’s insistence that I have taken photographs 1 & 2 [reproduced here]. During any monsoon season [between June to October] I have at least a few hundreds of these flowering on my property and they look all the same to me.

…, please visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park, yeoor or silonda, you can definately see the differences between the two species.. or best way is visit Blatter Herbarium…

Attached is a picture of Curcuma pseudomontana captured at MNP in April 2014.
Requested to please validate the ID.