During my deep involvement in efloraofindia, I find that there is no dearth of work.

For the past so many years, our activities have stabilized in the sense of no. of topics and messages. However, I find there is no dearth of work. We are only able to do as much as our time permits. But that is hardly sufficient to nail ids of so many difficult plants, despite wonderful images and details and although members are generally ready to forward high resolution images, for detailed scrutiny. More and more observations will come to us, provided we are able to take them to conclusive identifications. It is also not sufficient to correct many misidentifications in existing observations as already listed at our site. We also do not have enough time to contact persons with specific images for new additions in our site. We also do not have sufficient time to add listings of all species on a genus/ family pages or comparative images as quickly as we want.
Scope is tremendous, but we are limited by our scarce and voluntary human resources. 

Absolutely agree with you …

I know I am such a person who doesn’t contribute but sits and talks. But this is just to boost our moral.

धीरे-धीरे रे मना, धीरे सब कुछ होय, 

माली सींचे सौ घड़ा, ॠतु आए फल होय।

Salute to your dedication, … You have created this huge database which has become one stop source of information to the scientific community.

I agree, …
Our lifetime is not enough to finish any part of eFI.
For example, when I look at compiling names of plants that I have in my collection which is hardly any fraction of what eFI has, I am sure my lifetime is not sufficient to cover all that I have.

It is true …

But what has been done by the volunteer work of eFI team is in no way less. 
A taxonomist develops his true expertise in a very small group by spending years. And we have dearth of such experts here. Consequently many IDs are remaining and few may be doubtful. However, eFI is doing great service by sorting out and making available unidentified species separately. Some of them have been harvested as new species by the world experts.
List of Indian genera and species in eFI is another objective remaining incomplete. But in most of the cases (genera) complete account for the country is not available. Even if it is available, it is not up to date (as in earlier volumes of Flora of India). It necessitates scrutiny of each and every name of species after which there are new records to India, new species described etc. All has to be seen before compiling list of species in a genus and it needs a lot of time, concentration and zeal. 
We can understand your concern for falling short of our targets within stipulated times. Probably we need to strive harder to achieve our goals in decided time frame and a larger task force of expert volunteers can only make it easier in future.

Right said, …

It is true that only few fresh specimens being uploaded for identification, experts participation has declined in recent times. Yet it is true we have huge number of uploads in our database where we know the family, nothing beyond or we know the genus not the species, together with some already identified but identification may need rechecking, a job … has been doing very credibly, as also … Perhaps some of us can attempt to clear the Dubia in our database. I will make an attempt on my part, as and when I find time. I am starting with Acanthaceae. Others can make their choice.

Thanks to you all for your views.
The Aim of the post was to highlight that there is plenty of work even though our activities have stabilized.
Anybody finding any time can look at any of the works and do the needful.
If we want it to improve more rapidly and take much better shape, can we find ways and means within ourselves ?  
Can some more members dedicate their life for this cause like … and …?

Thanks, …,
We are a little better off, with families starting from A to M.
If you start from Z downwards, it will be nice.
Other than dubia, we have a lot of mixing up in species’ pages and it becomes evident as most of the threads display images above them.
Such wrongly identified threads have to be properly placed at correct species links.

And forgot to add …

I will add about 30 species from the Andamans in near future.