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Request for I’d of plant from Bilaspur. Is it Agave? Photographed today morning (1.10.20).

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Agave species.

Agave parryi ???  avariety…… Not sure…. Only a suggestion to check

It is either Agave angustifolia Haw.  or Agave sisalana Perrine as per comparative images at Agave 
Need to see close up of leaves for prickles along their margin. Pl. post. 

Attaching another close up image with more resolution.
Perhaps may be useful in I’d.
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No, I want to see close up of the leaves.


Agave For ID : 240414 : AK-19 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1).

A common cultivated plant, seen in a garden in Muscat.

Leaves having sharp spines at the tip.
Picture taken on 28/1/11.

Species id please.

I think Agave angustifoliaHaw. is possible as per keys and comparative images at Agave, but difficult to confirm without flowers.

As per Haines, A. angustifolia should have prickles like – plantatlas
So, I think it is A. sisalana, (“lucidcentral” has similar specimen, though without marginal prickles).

May I request you to pl. post a high res. image.
To me leaves appear to be quite small.

Here it is…
1 high res. image.

I may add that comparatively, these were smaller plants.
Close to Agave angustifolia perhaps.

Close to https://worldofsucculents.com/agave-angustifolia-caribbean-agave-mescal-agave/

Yes, I would like to go with Agave angustifolia Haw.

Even if there is no prickle in one margin of the some of the leaves?

As per ‘Checklist of cultivated plants in Oman’, published in 2009 …..there is no Agave angustifolia Haw.!

I am not aware of such a checklist.
This picture was clicked in 2011.

Since it is not A. sisalana, there are three probabilities –
  1. It is a miniature version of A. americana L.
  2. The authors missed to enlist A. angustifolia Haw. in the said checklist
  3. A. angustifolia Haw. was imported by the time you went there

Yes, could be one of the probabilities.


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