Efloraofindia site will be completing 10 years on 2.11.20, since Dinesh Valke ji created it and gifted it to us (although the Efloraofindia group will be more than 13 years old).
A lot of things can be done as we did on completion of 10 years of the Efloraofindia e-group. Lot of activities we planned and executed are available at
Some points/ ideas which are coming to my mind are given below:
1. Updation/ creation of new posters, in place of old ones. Any volunteers (earlier done by Ritesh ji, Ashwini ji and Dinesh ji) ?
2. Framing suitable message to be circulated on suitable forums/ facebook/ instagram etc.
3. Listings where this message can be sent (e.g. IAT, Taxacom, eflora groups on Facebook, other wildlife groups where one may be a member).
4. Can anyone take control of Instagram and popularise it as we are able to do for our Facebook page to some extent?
Others may please add and state what they can do from above as well as anything new.

Wonderful posters by Ritesh ji : 5 posts by 5 authors.
Thanks to Ritesh ji,
We had wonderful posters made by him, which helped us spread the word about efloraofindia and good work which we are doing.

Yes these posters were beautiful and displayed the glimpse of our treasure.

Yes, posters are really good. Thanks …

Thank you very much, Ritesh ji.
All posters are wonderful !!! Thank you for your efforts.

Wonderful indeed. Thanks to Ritesh!!!

And thanks to everyone especially … and top posters who have kept the wheel running.

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