Haworthia retusa (L.) Duval, Pl. Succ. Horto Alencon. 7 1809. (syn: Haworthia fouchei Poelln.; Haworthia geraldii C.L.Scott; Haworthia multilineata (G.G.Sm.) C.L.Scott; Haworthia retusa var. densiflora G.G.Sm.; Haworthia retusa var. fouchei (Poelln.) Breuer; Haworthia retusa f. fouchei (Poelln.) Pilbeam; Haworthia retusa f. geraldii (C.L.Scott) Pilbeam; Haworthia retusa f. multilineata (G.G.Sm.) Pilbeam; Haworthia retusa var. multilineata G.G.Sm.; Haworthia retusa var. solitaria G.G.Sm.; Haworthia solitaria (G.G.Sm.) C.L.Scott; Kumaria spicata Raf.);

Native range is SW. Cape Prov. as per POWO;       

Succulent For ID : Nasik : 110714 : AK-19 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).
Small, cultivated succulent plant seen at a Cactus House in Nasik on 27/2/14.


haworthia species

Haworthia crispatus

Looks close to Haworthia‬ correctakensis x bayeri.
Kindly check.

I think looks different from images on net like:

Haworthia retusa var. retusa
Haworthia retusa f. fouchei (Poelln.) Pilbeam
Haworthia retusa f. geraldii (C.L.Scott) Pilbeam  



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