Fraxinus hookeri Wenz., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 4: 179 1883. (syn: Fraxinus brandisii Lingelsh.);
W. Himalaya as per WCSP;


Fraxinus hookeri from Dachhigam, Kashmir-GS14102020-1 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)

Fraxinus hookeri Wenzig
Syn: F. escelsoir Auct. (non L.); Clarke in FBI
Deciduous tree with 20-35 cm long leaves with 5-9 leaflets, elliptic to obovate, acuminate, nearly entire to slightly crenate-serrate especially in upper portion. Flowers lacking both calyx and corolla.  Samarae lanceolate, 3-4 cm long, 6-8 mm broad, in pendulous decussate panicles., 
New for our database.
Clicked from Dachhigam, Kashmir, 10-6-2012
I am also enclosing picture of fruiting Herbarium specimen collected on 6-5-1971. preserved in SGTB Khalsa College Herbarium, Delhi and Kashmir University Herbarium.
The similar looking F. floribunda has thicker leaflets with distinctly serrate margins, calyx and corolla both present and linear samaras


request for Fraxinus id:

Please check the attached images of Fraxinus. It seems F.hookerii for me.
Captured at Bhalessa Doda JK
Alt. approx. 1800m amsl.

ID seems correct!