Crotalaria orixensis Willd. (syn: Crotalaria macropoda A.Rich.);

W. Eritrea to N. & NW. Ethiopia, India as per POWO;

Ethiopia (N); India (N): Andhra Pradesh; Assam; Bihar; Delhi ; Gujarat ; Haryana; Karnataka; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra; Manipur; Orissa ; Pondicherry ; Punjab ; Rajasthan; Tamil Nadu; Uttar Pradesh; West Bengal; Yanan; Philippines (I) as per ILDIS;

Common name: Orixa Rattlepod



Crotalaria orixensis, Fabaceae : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)- 2 & 4 mb. 

Sending here some pictures of Crotalaria orixensis clicked at Sarola village near Aurangabad MH on October 13,2020
Please check 

Thanks a lot, …!-W!13!26!B_-W_13264%2520-01%25200.jpg%2Ffull%2F2048%2C%2F0%2Fdefault.jpg

It is Crotalaria orixensis Willd. 
Check var. 
Crotalaria orixensis var. orixensis– Vexillum pubescent, seed 8-10 and 
Crotalaria orixensis var. naikii– vexillum glabrous, seed 10-14.  

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