Lantana camara ‘Gold Mound’;



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Lantana camara ‘Gold Mound’
Low growing mound forming shrub with green foliage and small clusters of vibrant golden flowers. A fast growing heavy bloomer.
Clicked from Fremont California, 5-9-2017


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Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date:  07  December 2019 
Elevation: MSL
Habitat: Cultivated
Lantana camara ‘Yellow’ ! Any specific ID ?

You have posted a similar plant from Bangkok at Lantana involucrata
Pl. check.

Thank you …!  I guess it is same.

On further checking, I think it is Lantana camara subsp. aculeata only.
Looks different from Lantana involucrata as per
I have doubts if Lantana involucrata is found in Thailand.

Not being erect , it may be something like Lantana montevidensis ‘Pot of Gold’ as per Lucid Central.
It says This species has been widely cultivated as a garden ornamental. Various modern cultivars and hybrids, which are often sterile, are still planted as groundcovers in gardens. The most commonly seen include lilac-coloured and white-coloured cultivars that are similar to the typical form of the species, except that they are sterile. Sterile cultivars with golden-yellow flowers are also common, but these are actually hybrids involving Lantana montevidensis and Lantana camara . These hybrids are usually named after one of the two parent species (e.g. Lantana montevidensis ‘Pot of Gold’ and Lantana camara ‘New Gold’).   

Does not look like a cultivar of L. montevidensis in which bracts are larger and ovate. Looks like Lantana camara ‘Gold Mound’ 

I am attaching cropped portion of image showing bracts