Alpine himalayan flora Identity : 11 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

Got this samples from 4800-5100 mts uttarakhand, Gidara bugyal. Not good pics. Used to make tea. Any identification even genus appreciated

Are 3rd and 4th images roots of the plant?

No sir
Its the inflorescence 

From the photos it appears a cusionoid plant may be from Saxigragaceae/ Caryophyllaceae, though photos provided are not enough to confirm any identity of plant. I also feel 3rd and 4th photos are of perennial stems/rhizome and there are many saxifrags/ caryophyllaceous plants in high altitudes. I feel it may be a species of Arenaria, but not sure.

If the first pic shows the leaves. Than It may be Potentilla or Sibbaldia. But not sure.

In Uttarakhand there are many species used in tea like Angelica, Chaerophyllum, Rhodiola, Potentilla, Saussurea etc etc. But this picture is not possible to understand correctly due to its dryness. I have seen similar plants in hills. I am not sure about this species however it may be confusing species between Rhodiola, Potentilla or Saussurea possibly.

Wild guess – Androsace?

I personally felt about Rhodiola. This species is only seen amidst rocks maybe when snow melts at around 4200-5000mts