Barleria lavaniana Suraj Patil Asif Tamboli Shrirang Yadav Manoj M. Lekhak, Plant Systematics and Evolution 305, pages933–947(2019);


my second id. request for the day.
this unarmed plant was observed at Gautala autrum Wildlife sanctaury, Jalgaon this october.
the plant look like that of Barleria but nt very sure.
the flowers were about 11-13 cm long. stamens 2 fertile, 3 staminodes.

please help in Id of the plant

… the first glimpse gave me a feeling of Clerodendrum.

I think, this could be Barleria longiflora. please check

Yes it seems to be Barleria longiflora


Barleria longiflora 



Attaching pictures & literature of Barleria longiflora required by you.

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Barleria longiflora 



I have attached two from my side.
Is this Barleria longiflora?
Taken from Madurai, Tamil Nadu during February 2007.

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Thanks … for the prompt action.

… I have requested … for these literature and I am pretty sure it would be useful for you.  He has a treasure trove of such resources at his end.

thanx a lot for the id.
i was a bit confused over Barleria lawii and Barleria longiflora.
B. lawii i had personally collected from SGNP, Mumbai, but i was not getting any reference for B. longiflora. hence the doubt.
thanx …
thanx especially for the literature provided by ….

Barleria lavaniana (a newly described species) as per Barleria longiflora-301209PKA1

Barleria longiflora L. fil. !

No, …, It is Barleria lavaniana (a newly described species).


Came across this Shrub near Aurangabad caves (25-12-09).
…. has provided the ID for this. Barleria longiflora
Family: Acanthaceae

‘Barleria longiflora’ is called ‘Lamb Koranti’ ‘लांब कोरांटी’ in Marathi.

Actually, the photographs clicked from Maharashtra (Aurangabad caves, Gautala autrum Wildlife sanctaury, Jalgaon) are of B. lavaniana, recently published paper “A new species of Barleria (Acanthaceae), its morphotaxonomy, cytogenetics and phylogenetic placement”. Please go through it and you will make the differences. Plants that have been collected from Tamil Nadu are of B. longiflora which we are not able to locate in Maharashtra.

Thanks a lot Shri Suraj Patil Ji and congratulations to you and your team mates for publishing the new sp.

Came across this Shrub near Aurangabad caves (25-12-09). Barleria longiflora
Family: Acanthaceae

Barleria lavaniana as per Barleria longiflora-301209PKA1

Thanks a lot …. Once again we can see that a plant discussed in our efloraofindia group turned out to be new species. Thanks for following it up.

Posted on 30.12.2009 by Prashant Awale ji (Barleria longiflora-301209PKA1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups) & on 21.10.2009 by Satish Pardeshi ji (request for id of Acanthaceae herb 21 10 09 SNP – indiantreepix | Google Groups ) in efloraofindia- published as a new species Barleria lavaniana Suraj Patil Asif Tamboli Shrirang Yadav Manoj M. LekhakPlant Systematics and Evolution 305, pages933–947(2019) as per details herein.
Again proving that a lot of gems are lying unearthed in efloraofindia.

Yes …, that’s true.

that is great

Heartening to read this news !!!
Thanks, … Feathers in caps of … !!
Hearty congrats to Suraj Patil ji and his team !!

Indeed…lots of gems still needs to be unearthed…happy to have came across this undescribed species.

A new species of Barleria (Acanthaceae), its morphotaxonomy, cytogenetics and phylogenetic placement– Suraj Patil Asif Tamboli Shrirang Yadav Manoj M. Lekhak, Plant Systematics and Evolution 305, pages933–947(2019) (Abstract- A new species, Barleria lavaniana (Acanthaceae), is described and illustrated. It resembles B. longiflora but differs from it in the characters of calyx, stamen, style and stigma. Stem anatomy reveals that vessel elements are mostly angular with a short tail at one end and a long tail on the other end. Xylem rays are usually biseriate and xylem fibres relatively thin-walled. Interxylary phloem is generally characterized by a single companion cell. The somatic chromosome number was 2n = 2x = 40. The karyotype is moderately symmetrical and fell in Stebbins’ 3b category. Chromosomes have median and submedian region centromeres. Based on cpDNA data, the new species is placed in subgenus Barleria and shows phylogenetic affinity towards B. longiflora and B. acuminata. Our findings suggest the need for comprehensive phylogenetic analyses of the genus Barleria based on high-throughput sequencing data to understand species interrelationships and biogeography)

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