Lycopus europaeus L., Sp. Pl. 21 1753. (syn: Lycopus alboroseus Gilib., opus utique oppr.; Lycopus albus Mazziari; Lycopus aquaticus Moench; Lycopus decrescens K.Koch; Lycopus europaeus var. elatior Hagenb.; Lycopus europaeus var. glabrescens (Schmidely) Briq.; Lycopus europaeus f. glabrescens Bolzon, nom. illeg.; Lycopus europaeus f. glabrescens Schmidely; Lycopus europaeus var. hirsutus Gand.; Lycopus europaeus var. incanus DC.; Lycopus europaeus f. lanuginosus Bolzon; Lycopus europaeus var. menthifolius (Mabille) Nyman; Lycopus europaeus subsp. menthifolius (Mabille) Skalický; Lycopus europaeus var. mollis (A.Kern.) Briq.; Lycopus europaeus subsp. mollis (A.Kern.) Murr; Lycopus europaeus var. procerior Klett & Richt.; Lycopus europaeus var. pubescens Benth.; Lycopus europaeus f. pusillus Montell; Lycopus europaeus var. stolonifer K.Koch; Lycopus europaeus var. subpinnatifidus Lej. & Courtois; Lycopus europaeus var. trichophora Briq.; Lycopus europaeus f. velutina Schmidely; Lycopus laciniatus Marz.-Penc. ex Pollini; Lycopus menthifolius Mabille; Lycopus mollis A.Kern.; Lycopus niger Gueldenst.; Lycopus palustris Burm.f.; Lycopus riparius Salisb., nom. superfl.; Lycopus riparius var. incisus Gray; Lycopus solanifolius Lojac.; Lycopus souliei Sennen; Lycopus vulgaris Pers.);
Azores, Europe to China as per POWO;
Afghanistan; Alabama; Albania; Algeria; Altay; Austria; Azores; Baltic States; Belarus; Belgium; British Columbia; Bulgaria; Buryatiya; Central European Rus; China North-Central; Chita; Corse; Czechoslovakia; Delaware; Denmark; East Aegean Is.; East European Russia; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Hungary; Illinois; Indiana; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Irkutsk; Italy; Kazakhstan; Kirgizstan; Krasnoyarsk; Kriti; Krym; Lebanon-Syria; Louisiana; Maryland; Masachusettes; Michigan; Mississippi; Morocco; Netherlands; New Jersey; New York; New Zealand North; North Carolina; North Caucasus; North European Russi; Northwest European R; Norway; Nova Scotia; Ohio; Ontario; Pakistan; Palestine; Pennsylvania; Poland; Portugal; Qubec; Romania; Sardegna; Sicilia; South European Russi; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Tadzhikistan; Transcaucasus; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkey-in-Europe; Turkmenistan; Tuva; Ukraine; Uzbekistan; Virginia; West Himalaya; West Siberia; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Xinjiang; Yakutskiya; Yugoslavia as per Catalogue of Life;
Plant for ID-PC-17-20.08.2015 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
here is another plant from the same site of the Park. Please identify it.

From Warsaw, Poland

Lamiaceae ??

Rubiaceae ?

Lamiaceae, similar to Lycopus and certainly in the right kind of habitat for that genus.

Thank you … for the clue.
Lycopus europaeus L. ??

This sp. is from Portugal I guess  and looks matching !

If this is Portugal then L. europaeus is the most likely.


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