Melanoseris decipiens var. multifida (Hook. fil.) Ghafoor, Qaiser & Roohi Bano, Pakistan J. Bot. 49: 1325 (2017) (syn: Cicerbita decipiens var. multifida (Hook.f.) Roohi Bano & Qaiser; Lactuca decipiens var. multifida Hook.f.);
Afghanistan to Nepal: Afghanistan, Nepal, West Himalaya as per POWO;
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Location : Sukhiapokahari, Darjeeling, India
Date : 12 May 2018
Elevation :  6900 ft.
Habit : Wild
Leaf only !

I think Asteraceae. May be from from Cichorieae with genus like Lactuca etc.

If it is Asteraceae, it might be Notoseris khasiana (C.B.Clarke) N.Kilian.

Leaf looks slight different. Some other Notoseris ??

Actually, it is under the genus Prenanthes in Flora of British India, Saroj ji, and presently at least two genera need to be consulted – LactucaNotoseris,  Please check FoC, a similar sp. is N. triflora, ut with amplexicauled leaf –

Checked but still confusing. Plant is scandent nature!

As per Flora of British India, the species is upto 4 ft slender erect herb, with deltoid leaves, having cordate base. But, KEW herbarium doesn’t show cordate base – colplanta.

KEW has some other spp too – POWO.
A paper from … can be consulted – researchgate
It was my guess only, since the probability of asteraceae was raised and the leaves looked deltoid. It is quite possible it may be some other asteraceae.

Sorry, Sir, forgot to attach FBI entry.

Looks according to the keys!

Sir ji, I suggest please keep it that way, for it will have its own room in eFI ! In future if more information can be obtained from other sources, or you happen to find this again and can be identified properly, it will be moved to a more furnished room!

please check probability of another one (6 ft height), (Lactuca graciliflora DC. of FBI)

Perhaps this is your plant- POWO

Yes, May be as per GBIF– specimen and others like one and two.


References: POWO  Catalogue of Life (Melanoseris decipiens (C. B. Cl.) N. Kilian & Ze H. Wang) The Plant List Ver.1.1  GCC  IPNI  GBIF– specimen and others like one and two (High resolution specimens) Pan India Bouquets
Taxonomic novelties of the genus Lactuca L. in Jammu and Kashmir (India): diversity, phenology and distribution- October 2015–  B.L. Bhellum & Bikarma Singh

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