Emilia scabra DC. ex Wight, Contr. Bot. India: 24 (1834) (syn: Emilia scabra DC.; Emilia sonchifolia var. scabra (DC.) Hook. fil.);
India (Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu), Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;

Asteraceae Week (Part II – Discoid heads) :: Emilia like- Unidentified2 at Munnar :: PKA8: : : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This Emilia like plant of Asteraceae family was seen at Munnar.

I guess Emilia sonchifolia according to leaf pattern.

I can’t say as details are not clear due to the smaller size of the images.
However, possibility is here for Emilia sonchifolia (L.) DC. ex DC. 

Could this be Emilia alstonii??

Could you post high resolution images, to see the details.

Here are few more pics.
4 images.

Yes …!

Agree with …


at “Munnar”- July’09?; Emilia scabra?; E. coccinea?; ID Pl.. – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Emilia species for id: Mandalpatti, Coorg, Karnataka: 8 images- 7 high res.
On 7.5.22 at Mandalpatti view point at around 4000 ft. in Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary, Coorg, Karnataka.

Emilia scabra DC. ex Wight ?

I think it is possible to be E.scabra as per description in BSI Flora of India.


img 1109: 2 high res. images.
Location- Kurinjimala sanctuary, Kerala

Date- 17 October 2022


Yes, appears so.

Cannot be opened. Send your pictures in Img format.

3 jpeg images.