Ajania tibetica (Hook.f. & Thomson) Tzvelev, Fl. URSS 26 410 1961. (syn: Ajania sikangensis Ling; Chrysanthemum tibeticum (Hook. fil. & Thomson ex C. B. Cl.) R. V. Kamelin; Chrysanthemum tibeticum (Hook. fil. & Thomson) Hoffm.; Chrysanthemum tibeticum (Hook. fil. & Thomson) S. Y. Hu; Chrysanthemum tibeticum B. Fedtsch.; Pyrethrum tibeticum Hook. fil. & Thoms. ex C. B. Cl.; Tanacetum tibeticum Hook. fil. & Thomson);
Tibet, China (Sichuan), Tajikistan, India (Himachal Pradesh), Afghanistan (Wakhan), Sikkim, Pakistani Kashmir (Karakorum, Gilgit, Baltistan, Astor, Skardu), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Zanskar) as per Catalogue of Life;

flower from nubra valley mm 4 26 06 2011: These photographs were taken in july 2008 during a trip to ladakh.
This particular flower was growing amongst rocks in from Nubra valley
Would really appreciate an id

Some Species of Tanacetum ?

Yes Tanacetum sp., but not able to fix species
I have photoimages of my herbarium for T. longifolium, T. falconeri, and T. artemesoides, but it does not seem to be matching with either.

Ajania tibetica (Hook.f. & Thomson) Tzvelev ??

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