Andropogon hallii Hack., Sitzungsber. Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss., Wien, Math.-Naturwiss. Cl., Abt. 1 89: 127 1884. (syn: Andropogon gerardii subsp. hallii (Hack.) Wipff; Andropogon gerardii var. incanescens (Hack.) B.Boivin; Andropogon gerardii var. paucipilus (Nash) Fernald; Andropogon hallii var. bispicatus Vasey ex Beal, pro syn.; Andropogon hallii var. flaveolus Hack.; Andropogon hallii var. incanescens Hack.; Andropogon hallii var. muticus Hack.; Andropogon paucipilus Nash; Andropogon provincialis var. paucipilus (Nash) Fernald & Griscom;  Leptopogon flaveolus (Hack.) Roberty; Sorghum hallii (Hack.) Kuntze);
native range is Central Canada to N. & W. Central U.S.A. as per POWO;

Bhopal; 16/11/2020

Andropogon hallii

Andropogon hallii is native to the USA. Do you think there’s a chance I could have found it in Bhopal?

Yes. Several species of exotic Andropogon have been introduced as fodder grasses. Some have also escaped cultivation.

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