Isodon phulchokiensis (Murata) H.Hara ?;

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I need id of the following Eastern Himalayan Labiates collected during September, 2014 from Singalila NP. Darjeeling.
Locality: Tonglu-Gairibans Roadside Hilly slope
Date: 18/09/2014
Populations: common throughout SNP

Some Plectranthus sp.

This looks other than I. lopanthoides for me.

Thanks, …
You seems to be right as it looks different from Isodon lophanthoides
I think it appears close to images and details at Isodon phulchokiensis (Murata) H.Hara 
I do not know whether it has been reported from India or not, but the area appears close to Nepal, from where it has been reported.
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May I request you to post a high resolution image.

Yes, I am searching, because it was taken long ago.

I guess it could be I. atroruber since it is recorded nearby in Bhutan.

I do not think matches with Isodon atroruber as per
I think it appears closer to images and details at Isodon phulchokiensis

May be … but submitted images are not eligible for validation !