Flammulina populicola Redhead & R.H. Petersen;


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Flammulina populonica
Family – Physalacriaceae
Habitat – On Celtis australis rotting stump
Photographed at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh In January 2020

I do not find any listing of it in Catalogue of Life.
Searching for Flammulina populonica leads to Flammulina populicola. Wikipedia mentions both alternatively (or is it a mistake) and this is copy pasted by other sites like

… thanks for pointing out, its my mistake actually first i got it autocorrected by my keyboard (what i very common when typing scientic names) and then i pasted same everywhere without noticing this error. I don’t think F.populonica is any accepted name or even a synonym.

Please correct it in species page, I am not sure why same thing happened only at one place on Wiki might be its autocorrect like what i did 😉

So it should be Flammulina populicola


Catalogue of Life 

Species diversity of Flammulina in China: new varieties and a new record Zai-Wei Ge, Xiao-Bin Liu, Zhao Kuan & Yang Zhu L. July 2015 (Abstract- Species within the genus Flammulina are among the most important economically cultivated mushrooms in East Asia. Based on examinations of the morphological characters and molecular phylogeny reconstructed from the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences, F. velutipes var. filiformis and F. velutipes var. himalayana are proposed as new varieties, and F. populicola is reported as a new record for China. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of macroscopic and microscopic characters are provided for the taxa known from China, and a key to the taxa is included.)