SK 2837 09 November 2020 : 6 very high resolution images.
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Date:  October 2020 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat  : Wild
Oplismenus burmanni (Retz.) P.Beauv. ??

Yes. probably hybridised with Oplismenus compositus. Having both features

Naturally hybridised with Oplismenus compositus ? So, no speciific ID ?
Thank you …

It would be interesting to follow up the populations
O. burmanii is an annual species whereas O. compositus is perennial species
It would be interesting to know the habit of hybrid populations. IF annual they would perish soon unless there is duplication of chromosome number in the hybrid (in which case it could be recognised as distinct species). If hybrid populations are perennial and manage to propagate vegetatively, it could still be recognised as distinct hybrid species. There is need to study populations over a period of time and assess them cytologically.

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