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This small herb was seen by the roadside in the Tamhini ghat near Pune, MH in Aug 2019.
The flowers were too tiny to get a good pic.
Requested to please provide ID.

Nesaea sp, check with local floras for species,

Attaching a cropped pic of the flower, if that would help.

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Could be N. lanceolata,

I could not find this species in efi? Does it have any synonym?

Looks different from Nesaea lanceolata (Heyne ex Cl.) Koehne syn. of  Ammannia lanceolata B. Heyne ex Wall. as per Catalogue of Life and Flora of Karnataka

I also could not find any match as per comparative images at Rotala or Ammannia
I am doubtful if this is from these genera 

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images to see the details.

Thanks … for reviving this.
Attaching hi-res images.
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Attaching one more image

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More likely to be Rotala or some Rubiaceae