Bomarea multiflora (L.f.) Mirb., Hist. Nat. Pl. 9: 72 1804. (syn: Alstroemeria bredemeyeriana Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f.; Alstroemeria caldasiana (Herb.) Hemsl.; Alstroemeria caldasii Kunth; Alstroemeria floribunda Kunth; Alstroemeria multiflora L.f.;  Alstroemeria purpurea Willd. ex Steud., not validly publ.; Bomarea ambigua Sodiro; Bomarea borjae Sodiro; Bomarea caldasiana Herb.; Bomarea caldasii (Kunth) Herb.; Bomarea caldasii var. quitensis Killip ex Diels; Bomarea floribunda (Kunth) Herb.;  Bomarea foliolosa Kraenzl.; Bomarea frondea Mast.; Bomarea halliana Herb.; Bomarea microcephala Sodiro; Bomarea oligantha Baker; Bomarea rigidifolia Sodiro; Bomarea turneriana Herb.; Bomarea vegasana Killip; Bomarea vestita Baker);
Colombia; Ecuador as per CoL;
Common name: Vine Alstroemeria


Ornamental for id from Darjeeling:: NS Sept 09 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4).
This twining ornamental herb was shot from LBG, Darjeeling..

Please suggest id..

Please check –

Thanks … for this very useful link.. I now know that this is a Bomarea sp.

It was the first time I saw these flowers, that too in ephotographs! A curious search gave me a hint and I pasted the link!

I don’t know what is the species id or if there is any other similar looking genus….. perhaps the most popular cultivars belong to B. multiflora (L.f.) Mirb., which may be a weed as well!

Perhaps we can identify it upto B. caldasiana Herb. level, thereafter it diverges –

Since we (?) do not have KEY to spp, following lit. may help –

Bomarea multiflora (L.f.) Mirb. ??

Bomarea multiflora ssp. caldesii !




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