eFloraofIndia Google site will no longer be edited

In view of switching to our new site eFloraofIndia.com, eFloraofIndia Google site will no longer be edited for updation (though it will remain as it is, untill Google winds it up in Sept.21).

All further editing for updation will only be done in our new site eFloraofIndia.com.
I will also not be generally available to give any remarks on group posts or for resurfacing for a few months as pending edits in old site has to be incorporated in the new site (along with learning as to how to do it) and after that lot of group backlog will have to be cleared.
Hope you all take care to establish firm ids with due validation of the postings on the group during this critical phase.

Good news for the first few hours of editing, is that I was successfully transferring contents (both texts and images) from a few recent pages in Google sites to the new site, without much difficulty, though formatting problems remained as it.

First priority is to move contents so that they are upto date. Formatting issues will be seen subsequently as and when time permits.


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