Yucca gigantea Lem.,  Ill. Hort. 6(Misc.): 91 1859. (syn: Dracaena lennei Baker; Dracaena yuccoides Baker;  Sarcoyucca elephantipes Linding., nom. superfl.; Yucca eleana W.Watson; Yucca elephantipes Regel ex Trel., nom. illeg.; Yucca elephantipes var. ghiesbreghtii Molon; Yucca elephantipes var. gigantea (Lem.) Molon, nom. superfl.; Yucca ghiesbreghtii Baker, pro syn.; Yucca guatemalensis Baker; Yucca lenneana Baker;  Yucca mazelii W.Watson; Yucca mooreana Baker;  Yucca roezlii Baker, pro syn.);
Central Mexico to Central America: Native to: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Southeast, Mexico Southwest, Nicaragua, Panamá; Introduced into: Ecuador, El Salvador, Leeward Is., Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain as per POWO;


Ornamental Tree For ID : California : 05NOV14 : AK-14 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)

Ornamental Tree, probably Yucca Species seen in Fremont on 28/9/14.

With White flowers.

If Yucca, never seen one so big.

blue yucca y. rigida

it branches after the first flowering and keeps on producing flowers in the new rosettes of leaves

i would like to see the leaf tips in the older rosettes, not the one with flowers..

Thanks a lot … Here is the close-up of the lower leaves near the trunk.

The Plant List gives the following:
Yucca rigida (Engelm.) Trel. [Illegitimate] (Unresolved)- syn. of Yucca luminosa ined.. as per WCSP
Yucca rigida or luminosa because of leaf overall .. and the smoothish bark..
but that’s not the taxonomic key based diagnosis…
that’s as far as i will go…  not a written in stone diagnosis… though, can be changed…
if there is enough argument about other diagnosis I have no problem…
But before its done good proof is what is needed to be really scientific…

BESIDES: Yuccas developed during the Eocene epoch and so did its pollinator moths..

giving rise to soooo many closely related taxa… that it takes a lot of laboratory based detailed dedicated lifetimes of studies..
I am not going to do a final diagnosis based on these pictures taken in touristy episode..
Its nice to take these pictures, makes interesting documentation of different flora and fauna seen during trips and very interesting to share with family, friends and some forum.
I welcome them, and often look forward to them , often with some great eagerness, but…
40 million years of development .. belies my knowledge…

I am not going to guess or argue about the species id.. in this case. My knowledge goes so far, that’s it..
Only, if some guy or gal  in the southwest USA who has studied these all his/her scientific  life or grown them with equal zeal and knowledge … I welcome his or her opinion  regarding a Joshua tree or its relative which may not qualify to be called a joshua tree.

Yucca gigantea Lem. ??

Yes, appears so as per



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