Acmella calva (DC.) R. K. Jansen, Syst. Bot. Monogr. 8 41 1985. (syn: Spilanthes acmella var. calva (DC.) C. B. Cl.; Spilanthes callimorpha A. H. Moore; Spilanthes calva DC.);
India (widespread, incl. Darjeeling, Sikkim); Nepal; Sri Lanka; China (Yunnan); Myanmar; Indonesia; peninsular Malaysia; Java; Lesser Sunda Isl.; Vietnam; Bangladesh as per Catalogue of life;
Difference between Acmella calva, A. oleracea and A. paniculata as per research gate link;

Bangalore-Ooty November 2013 :: Requesting ID of this plant at Ooty :: 18122013 :: ARK-25: Attachments (3). 7 posts by 3 authors.
Requesting to please ID this plant captured growing wild in Ooty in November 2013. Is this some Acmella sps?

Acmella paniculata I hope

Thank you … for the feedback. However, the leaves in the pic posted at FoI look different…

The Plant shown on FOI is not A. paniculata. It is A. uliginosa. A. paniculata does not have ray florets

Thank you … I take it as Acmella paniculata then….

This has a pale white form also

Please see the key on our website
White heads mostly belong to A. radicans

I think this may be A.calva (syn. S. clava) as per Research Gate publication.




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