Tricholepis chaetolepis (Boiss.) Wendelbo, Österr. Bot. Z. 97 251 1950. (syn: Jurinea chaetolepis Boiss.; Stechmannia chaetolepis (Boiss.) Sojak; Tricholepis chaetolepis (Boiss.) Rech. fil.; Tricholepis spartoides C. B. Cl.; Tricholepis toppinii Dunn);

India (NW-Himalaya), Pakistan (Chitral), Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit), Afghanistan (Kabul, Nangarhar) as per Catalogue of life;


Request for identification of Tricholepis species.

1 image.

captured at Paddar Jammu
altitude approx. 3000m

Tricholepis stewartii C.B.Clarke ex Hook.f. ??

thank you sir, it looks T.stewartii. checked from the

I am doubtful about Tricholepis stewartii as per GBIF specimens.

Okay sir, Thank you.

What are the species reported from your area?

i have seen T.roylei only, this one was unidentified from 2018. Next year i definitely collect it for Herbarium.

This is Tricholepis chaetolepis as per GBIF– specimen from Pakistan




References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  GCC  IPNI  GBIF– specimen from Pakistan (High resolution specimens)

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