Chlorophytum nilgheriensis Adsul and S R Yadav as per efi thread;.



Nilgiris: Lilliaceae for identification 180113MK01:

Please help me to identify this herb found in the high reaches of Nilgiris.
Flower: 1.5 cm across
Date: 20 Oct 2012
Place: Western Catchement, Nilgiris, TN

Alt.: 2345 m asl

May be a sp. of Ophiopogon.

Some Chlorophytum sp. may be Chlorophytum malabaricum

Chlorophytum malabaricum looks correct ID !


It is Chlrophytum attenuatum Baker. Which was treated as C. indicum by many authors. But it’s distinct than C. indicum in many aspect. So I have solved nomenclature problem and resuscitate the taxon as C. nilghariensis Adsul and S R Yadav in my thesis. Same  is under publication.



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