Heliotropium calcareum Stocks, Hooker’s J. Bot. Kew Gard. Misc. 4: 174 1852. (syn: Heliotropium multiflorum Rech.f., Aellen & Esfand.; Sericostoma calcareum (Stocks) I.M.Johnst.) as per POWO;
Echiochilon persicum (Burm. fil.) I. M. Johnst., J. Arnold Arb. 38: 288 1957 (syn: Echiochilon albidum (Franch.) I. M. Johnst.; Echiochilon nubicum I. M. Johnst.; Echiochilon strigosum (Defl.) I. M. Johnst.; Echiochilon thesigeri I. M. Johnst.; Echiochilon vatkei (Baker) I. M. Johnst.; Echiochilon verrucosum (G. Beck) L M. Johnston; Heliotropium albohispidum Bak.; Heliotropium calcareum Stocks; Heliotropium cinerascens Aitch.; Heliotropium deflersii O. Schwartz; Heliotropium fruticosum var. persicum Burm. fil.; Heliotropium persicum Burm. fil.; Heliotropium vatkei Baker; Pioctonon persicum Rafin.; Sericostoma albidum Franch.; Sericostoma calcareum (Vatke) I. M. Johnst.; Sericostoma persicum (N. L. Burm.) B. L. Burtt; Sericostoma strigosa Defl.; Sericostoma verrucosum G. Beck) as per Catalogue of Life;
Gulf States, India, Iran, Oman, Pakistan as per POWO;



Boraginaceae Week :: Heliotropium for ID : Oman : 090612 : AK-2: Again a wild plant commonly found here. Pictures taken on the 5th & 11th of March, 2010.

its seems to me Heliotropium bacciferum

Heliotropium calcareum Stocks ???

Thanks for suggesting the id. Hope to get it verified.

I think matches as per iNaturalist  Wikimedia Commons  FoP illustration  POWO



References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1  Tropicos  IPNI  Flora of Pakistan  FOP illustration iNaturalist  Wikimedia Commons  IBIS Flora (FBI)  worldplants


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