Vernonia parryae C. E. C. Fischer, Kew Bull. 1929: 6. 1929. 6 1929.;
NE-India (Mizoram) as per Catalogue of Life;


MS Oct,2018/18 Adenoon sp. ? for ID : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Location : Vaphai, Mizoram

Date : 04-10-2018
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Looks different from images at Adenoon indicum Dalzell
Are there any other species in this genus found in your area ?
Also could not find a match at Vernonieae as per comparative images.

Not recorded

Only one Adenoon indicum Dalzell is listed in the world so far and it has got no distribution in Mizoram.

Any member can suggest ID ?

What are the species of recorded in your area of  ‎Vernonieae ?

Sorry, I don’t know. Not found in Flora of Mizoram

I mean to say Vernonia and related genus.

As per another thread:

Venonia blanda, V.cinerea, V.divergens, V.extensa, V.parryae, V.saligna, V.silhetensis, V.squarrosa, V.subsessilis, V.vagans and V.volkamerisefolia are recoded/listed in Mizoram

May I request you for the high resolution image of 3rd image for checking the phyllaries.
Acilepis squarrosa D.Don is possible as per keys in another thread and as per FoC illustrationPOWOGBIF– specimen from Nepal.

It looks different from Acilepis squarrosa D.Don

On further checking the keys, closest I can go is Vernonia parryae as per GBIF- specimen1 and specimen 2
Pl. send me the description, for further checking with it, as in specimens, it appears to be quite tall.

Thanks, …

I think matches well with the description.


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