Neolentinus lepideus (Fr.) Redhead & Ginns, 1985 (syn: Agaricus cyprinus Batsch, 1783; Agaricus lepideus Fr., 1815; Agaricus polymorphus Pers., 1828; Agaricus polymorphus var. polymorphus Pers., 1828; Agaricus polymorphus var. proboscideus Pers., 1828;  Agaricus polymorphus var. tubaeformis (Schaeff.) Pers., 1828; Agaricus serpentiformis Batsch, 1783; Agaricus suffrutescens Brot., 1805; Agaricus tubaeformis Schaeff., 1774; Clitocybe lepidea (Fr.) P. Kumm., 1871; Lentinus contiguus Fr., 1874; Lentinus cryptarum Fuckel, 1870; Lentinus domesticus P. Karst., 1887; Lentinus gallicus Quél., 1885; Lentinus lepideus (Fr.) Fr., 1838; Lentinus lepideus var. contiguus (Fr.) P. Karst., 1879; Lentinus lepideus var. hibernicus McArdle, 1909; Lentinus lepideus f. lepideus (Fr.) Fr., 1838 ; Lentinus lepideus var. lepideus (Fr.) Fr., 1838; Lentinus lepideus f. rufescens A. N. Petrov, 1987; Lentinus magnus Peck, 1896; Lentinus maximus A. E. Johnson, 1878; Lentinus platensis Speg., 1898; Lentinus sitaneus Fr., 1836; Lentinus spretus Peck, 1906; Lentinus suffrutescens (Brot.) Fr., 1838; Neolentinus lepideus f. lepideus (Fr.) Redhead & Ginns, 1985; Neolentinus lepideus f. rufescens (A. N. Petrov) Zmitr. & Kovalenko, 2016; Neolentinus suffrutescens (Brot.) T. W. May & A. E. Wood, 1995; Panus lepideus (Fr.) Corner, 1981; Pocillaria contigua (Fr.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria cryptarum (Fuckel) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria gallica (Quél.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria lepidea (Fr.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria sitanea (Fr.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria suffrutescens (Brot.) Kuntze, 1891);

Neolentinus lepideus (Gleophyllaceae) submission AS1 Jan21

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Here’s a new mushroom species addition to site.
Neolentinus lepideus 
Family – Gleophyllaceae
Host – Growing on Pinus wallichiana (Blue Pine) tree
Photographed at Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh

In September 2020




References: Catalogue of Life

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