Erodium botrys (Cav.) Bertol., Amoen. Ital. 35 1819. (syn: Erodion botrydium St. Lag.; Erodium botrys var. luxurians Guss.; Erodium ciconium Janka ex Nym.; Geranium botrys Cav.);
Macaronesia, Medit.: Algeria, Baleares, Bulgaria, Canary Is., Corse, Cyprus, East Aegean Is., France, Greece, Italy, Kriti, Lebanon-Syria, Madeira, Morocco, Palestine, Portugal, Sardegna, Sicilia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe, Yugoslavia; Introduced into: California, Cape Provinces, Chile Central, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Mexico Northwest, New York, New Zealand South, Vermont as per POWO;

Erodium botrys from California-GS16012021-2
Erodium botrys (Cav.) Bertol
Californian species characterised by deeply lobed basal leaves and very long (5-12 cm) fruit beak.
Photographed from Koyote Hills, Fremont, California, 28-4-2019.



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