Huberantha senjiana (R.Mural., Naras. & N.Balach.) R.Mural., Naras. & N.Balach., Phytotaxa 217: 200 (2015) (syn: Hubera senjiana R.Mural., Naras. & N.Balach.);
Endemic to Gingee hills, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu, India

Polyalthia senjiana
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Found as seedling in Auroville Botanical Garden.
Seed collected from sengi(Gingee) hills.

Thanks, … I could not find any match for Polyalthia senjiana on google search. I think you mean it to be Huberantha senjiana.

You are right.




References: POWO
A new species of Hubera (Annonaceae) from Peninsular India – Phytotaxa 205 (1): 129–134 (2015) (pdf)
Hubera senjiana is now Huberantha senjiana (Annonaceae) (pdf)