Borkhausenia intermedia (Ehrh.) Sennikov & Kurtto, Memoranda Soc. Fauna Fl. Fenn. 93: 44, 2017 (syn: Aria intermedia (Ehrh.) Schur; Aria nivea subsp. scandica (Syme) Bonnier & Layens; Aria scandica M. J. Roem.; Aria suecica (L.) Koehne ex Verh.; Azarolus intermedia (Ehrh.) Borkh.; Crataegus aria var. suecica L.; Crataegus intermedia (Ehrh.) Chalon; Crataegus scandica Wahlenb.; Hahnia intermedia (Ehrh.) Samp.; Hahnia suecica (L.) Dippel; Lazarolus intermedia (Ehrh.) Borckh.; Mespilus intermedia (Ehrh.) Poir.; Pyrus aria subsp. intermedia (Ehrh.) Hook. fil.; Pyrus aria subsp. scandica Syme; Pyrus conwentzii Graebn.; Pyrus intermedia Ehrh; Pyrus scandica Peterm.; Pyrus semipinnata Bechst.; Pyrus suecica (L.) Garcke; Sorbus aria subsp. scandica (Syme) Rouy & E. G. Camus; Sorbus conwentzii (Graebn.) C. K. Schneid.; Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers.; Sorbus latifolia subsp. scandica (Syme) Berher; Sorbus scandiaca Fr.; Sorbus suecica (L.) Krok & Almq.; Tormariosorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Mezhenskyj);
N. & N. Central Europe to Baltic States as per POWO;
Denmark, Finland, Germany (I), Norway (I), Poland (I), ?European Russia, Sweden, Belgium (I), England (I), Czech Republic (I), Slovakia (I), Estonia, France (I), Corsica (I), Ireland (I), Northern Ireland (I), Latvia, Lithuania (c) as per Catalogue of Life;

Sorbus x intermedia from Canada-GS23012021-3
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Sorbus x intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers.

Swedish whitebeam

A triple hybrid between n S. aucupariaS. torminalis, and either S. aria or one of its close relatives. It is apomictic tetraploid. Photographed from Mississauga, Canada, 29-8-2019.



References: POWO  Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1   Wikipedia

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